Getting ready to welcome a brand new year!

Posted by Yvonne King on

dec 30... that time when most start to reflect on the past year and are setting goals for the next.  Quite often unrealistic goal are set, like I'm going to hit the gym and loose this baby weight and by the 15th I'm eating a chocolate bar.

Not this year, I'm not setting those goals.  This year I'm going for something different, self improvement and monthly goal setting.  Why not at the beginning of each month see where I am in life and and focus on the good as apposed to regrets.

So for January my personal goal is to sew 1 thing for myself and a pair of pj's for N.  And for the business fix the pictures on the site and do 2 blog posts.  Keeping it real and achievable! 

Whats on your sewing list for 2017?

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