PREORDER Group Mannequin Buy

PREORDER Group Mannequin Buy

  • $85.00

This is a group preorder for a mannequin

Dolls have been ordered and have shipped by sea which takes 4-5 weeks.  Expected arrival is Feb 2018.  All updated will be posted in our FB group.  Questions can be emailed to us at -

There will be NO REFUNDS available for these as this is a coop buy and not an item that is normally stocked by BRF.  If you are not wanting your doll after you have it, it will be YOUR responsibility to sell it (we can help you to try and find a buyer if needed)



-Shipping is included in the price, tax is extra.

-Can you combine with other peoples - sure but the price is the same

-Can you add fabric to your manni once it arrives - yes and we will wave the shipping cost of the fabric

-If I buy 2 can I get a discount - No sorry

-The head can be unscrewed.  The arms do pop off and there is 1 metal pole that goes into the 1 foot to work on the stand.  Arms, legs and fingers are bendable


Doll sizes are approximate (Note: some found them to be smaller than they expected once arrived)

Sizing of doll
1 year. 65cm, chest size 45
2 year. 78cm, chest size 47
3 year. 85cm, chest size 48
4 year. 94cm, chest size 50
5 year. 98cm, chest size 53
6 year. 105cm, chest size 56
7 year. 110cm, chest size 57
8 year. 118cm, chest size 59