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Shipping Times - 1-3 business days

The Knotty Thread Tamer Thread Treatment - Available in 8 Fun Scents!

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The Knotty Thread Tamer is a natural, gorgeously scented vegan product made of soy wax and coconut oil. Available in playful, carnival-themed scents such as black cherry and cream soda, the Knotty Thread Tamer smooths down unruly threads so they cooperate while you sew. The Knotty Thread Tamer comes in convenient recyclable tins that are perfect for stashing in one's purse or pocket. Kind to the environment, beautiful fragrances, high-quality ingredients - what more could one want?

  • UNSCENTED - The original and unscented version of The Knotty Thread Tamer. Perfect for those sensitive to scents.
  • APPLE CRISP - One of the most popular treats at the local circus. Who can resist a candied-apple?
  • BLACK CHERRY - Black Cherry Snow Cone... Yes please! A sweet blend of delicious and ripe cherries with rich vanilla and a pinch of spicy clove.
  • CREAM SODA - This scent just screams roller coaster fun. A bubbly and invigorating fragrance to enjoy.
  • GRAPE SODA - This Grape Soda will delight your senses and makes it worth standing in a long lineup at the soda stand.
  • ORANGE SODA - This fizzy orange aroma is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any circus.
  • ROOT BEER - Sweet and slightly spicy, this delicious scent mimics the classic fizzy soda we all know and love.
  • TROPICAL - Like a visit to the Hawaiian food stand, this scent is the perfect mix of orange, apple, pineapple, with a hint of jasmine and vanilla.