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Shipping Times - 1-3 business days

Paper Pattern - The Mountain Saddle Bag

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*** This is an English only printed pattern. 

The Mountain Saddle Bags are modelled after an actual leather saddle bag I used to use on while riding my old horse, Kai. I’ve added some strapping detail to add a bit of interest. These will make up nicely in quilting cottons or tweed. They can be made in 2 sizes and feature a nicely shaped side gusset, a front flap with press lock closure, an adjustable shoulder strap, and an internal zipper pocket. The Decovil Light and foam stabilizer add nice structure to the bag and create a very professional finish.

My pattern is a fresh look at a classic bag shape, the saddle bag. I’ve used some stabilizers and hardware that might be new to you, but will be wonderful additions to help you create the firmness and shape often not provided in a beginner pattern. In my video, I will show you how to layout your fabric if you have a directional print, and I will discuss some options and changes you can make if you have different interfacing and stabilizers available. While I assemble the bag, I will demonstrate hardware installation for you, and show you how a bag that might normally be considered intermediate, can be easily finished by a beginner bag maker.

Cutting instructions provided for rotary cutter, ruler and mat to cut rectangular fabric pieces. There are pattern templates provided for rounded pieces. Pattern instructions are in both imperial & metric.

Finished Sizes: 

  • Mini: Width - 9 1/2” (24 cm) Height - 7 1/2” (19 cm) Depth at base - 3 1/4” (8.25 cm)
  • Tall: Width - 9 1/2” (24 cm) Height - 9 1/2” (24 cm) Depth at base - 3 1/4” (8.25 cm)

MATERIALS:  Requirements are the same for both sizes. Yardages are approximate and based on non-directional print that is 44” (112 cm) wide. More fabric may be required if pattern matching or using directional print.

  • 1/2 yd./0.5 m  Exterior Fabric - (quilting cotton, canvas linen, décor cotton, or a light tweed like ‘Harris Tweed’)
  • 1/4 yd./0.25 m  Exterior Accent - (quilting cotton, canvas linen, light-weight vinyl faux leather, cork fabric)
  • 3/4 yd./0.75 m  Lining Fabric - (quilting cotton or similar lightweight woven fabric)
  • 2 1/2 yd./2.5 m*  Fusible Interfacing (20” wide) - Light-med weight fusible woven - Pellon Shapeflex SF101, or Vilene G700. (*NOTE: Only 1 1/4 yd./1.25 m is required if G700, because it is 35” wide.) Additional interfacing may be needed if you are using a fabric that frays, like tweed, for the Exterior.
  • 1 yd./1 m Decovil Light (17” wide) - fusible stabilizer (Can be substituted with fusible woven interfacing for a softer feel, or if it is hard to source in your area.)
  • 1/2 yd./0.5 m  Sew-In Foam Stabilizer (56” wide) - (By Annie’s Soft and Stable, or Pellon Flex Foam)

Zippers & Bag Hardware:

  • (1) 9” (23 cm) Zipper for the lining zipper pocket (#3 nylon all-purpose zipper, 1” wide, non-separating) - You can buy a longer zipper, or 9” (23 cm) of #3 zipper by the yard if preferred because it will be trimmed down.
  • (1) 3/4” (18 mm) Strap Slider
  • (2) 3/4” (18 mm) Rectangular Rings
  • (1) Small (Baby) Press Lock – (A larger size can be substituted)


    Emmaline Bags & Patterns Copyright 2021 All Rights Reserved
    COPYRIGHT AND LICENSING INFORMATION: •You may sell items made from this pattern in your shop or market stall; however this pattern is not to be used for mass production. •You may not claim this pattern as your own or allow others to use it. Do not make copies of this pattern; this pattern is for personal and limited commercial use for one purchaser only.