Prym Elastic and Tape Threaders - 3 Sizes

by Black Rabbit Fabric

  • For inserting elastic tapes and strands
  • Conical shape with round tip
  • Made of plastic, comes in assorted colours
  • With eyelets for retrieval cord


The three inserters made of coloured plastic are suitable for inserting elastic tapes and strands in waistbands, hoods, and much more. These long tatting shuttles have a light, conical shape with a round tip and have two serrated slots on the rear to accept tapes that are 6 mm, 12 mm, and 18 mm-wide. To replace the old tapes, the front end of the tatting shuttle has a hole for fastening an additional retrieval cord. With these three colour-coordinated threaders for elastics and tapes are very easily replaced in no time.