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Shipping Times - 1-3 business days

Zipper Ends or Cord Ends: 5 Pack

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$4.79 - $6.99
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Metal Zipper Ends! Need I say more? Add these to a zipper on your bag opening or a or zipper pouch. No need to fiddle with sewing little fabric zipper tabs when you can just slide these babies on! These also work great to finish of the ends of cord. 

Use either just one on the closed end, or one on either end of a zipper. You can see how Maria used them on her gorgeous Totes Ma Tote pattern on her blog Mia's creations.

SOLD IN A 5 Pack

Go to the Installation Tutorial


  • 10mm wide  x 17mm long x 5 mm high


  • Trim the zipper tails off so they are just beyond the metal stops at the end of the zipper (sometimes it is helpful to put in a couple whip stitches right by the metal stops to sew the open end closed.)
  • Then fold one side of the zipper tape to the back, and then the other. Slide it in the zipper end for fit. Fits good? Then pull it out and get the screw started a bit. I put some glue inside that adheres to metal and fabric, such as Beacon 3-in-1, E-6000, or some Aleene's products.
  • Refold and slide it back in, and screw the screw in all the way. If you are using a wide zipper, it might have a very large end stop, sometimes that needs to be cut off to fit, or the wider zipper tapes need to be trimmed a bit.